Tuesday, August 31. 6.00 am. You rub your eyes and get out of bed. It’s going to be a busy day. 

8.00 am. You gear up for work. Calls, emails, messages and reminders start flowing in.

11.00 am. Meetings. And more meetings. Then, a reminder that a few invoices need to be dealt with. Sigh.

1.00 pm. The day seems to be flying by. You’ve been hunting down invoices on excel workbooks with a hundred sheets for hours while running meetings. You’re trying to make sense of payroll calculations and compliance payments. And that’s not even it – your CA is on your tail for one thing or another.

5.00 pm. Back to meetings.
Your CA, however, has other plans.

“Our business teams have made good progress -”
Ping! 289379.
“As I was saying, the -”
Ping! 828743.
“Hang on folks; I just need a minut-”
Ping! 334880.
Oh, it’s exhausting. 

8.00 pm. You’re back at your desk. You’re tired and stressed but happy to have found some time to work in peace – finally. You open your laptop and get started when your phone rings.

It’s your CA. Again.
A payment got overlooked, apparently.

You heave a defeated sigh. You hate all of this more than you care to let on (after all, this isn’t exactly why you started up!) But you do it because it needs to be done.

Only, that’s not the case.

The problem is, the way you manage your money is taking a toll on you.
The bigger problem, is that you’ve accepted it.

The root cause

Banking. Period.
That’s where your problems are coming from.

Traditionally, a bank is supposed to accept and make payments for you as directed and give you a handful of other services. Right? Right. 

The trouble is, yours isn’t a “traditional” organisation – yours is, in fact, as far from a traditional organisation as it gets.

Yours is a futuristic, tech-first startup being bogged down by backward banking solutions. And that is frustrating. Annoying. Vexing. 

You see? That’s what old-school banking solutions do to you. Have you ever, once, thought of banking positively? Has banking ever evoked all those cheery emotions in you?

I’m sure traditional solutions haven’t. I’m sure what I’m about to tell you, will.

Founder, you deserve better.
You deserve Positive Banking.

Positive Banking – a revolution, not an oxymoron

I can already hear you snickering. Frustrating, slow, outdated – yes; positive? How could banking possibly

Hold that thought. Hear me out.
I have a not-so-little something for you.

Something that
gives you a smooth-as-heck banking experience,
takes care of more (like WAY MORE) than just banking, and
lets you sleep in peace and puts a spring in your step.

That “something” is Positive Banking.

More on that, presently.

Basic banking, redefined

Positive Banking, first of all, does what your “friendly” neighbourhood bank does, only better. Think savvy portals, intuitive interfaces, easy access to credit, and a fantastic banking experience, over and above all your basic banking features.

This part of Positive Banking is the first step that makes banking a non-vexing affair. But, there’s more.


One – no, ten steps further

Does paying anyone have to make you tear your hair out?
The short answer (I hope, for the sake of your hair) is no.

Paying your employees, vendors, and the government isn’t the problem at all – after all, these stakeholders are the reason your organisation remains functional.

The thing that drives you (and hundreds of founders like you) up the wall is the process of paying your stakeholders.

Now for a more important question. Have you ever heard of a bank processing your payroll, fetching invoice details and paying your vendors, and calculating and paying your taxes? 

My guess (an educated one) is that you haven’t. That’s expected; these things aren’t something you’d typically expect your bank to help with.

But what if your bank took care of them for you?

Positive Banking does just that. 

It automates your payroll and compliance payments (yes, the ones you hate) end-to-end. It puts paying your vendors on autopilot – from fetching invoice details to scheduling payments, so you never miss a due date. It calculates and pays TDS in seconds – saving you the trouble of dealing with half a dozen portals.

It’s simple. Positive banking does what you don’t want to, so you don’t have to.

Okay, enough about what Positive Banking can do for your business (in short, plenty). It’s about time we talked about what it can do for YOU.

We’ve talked about “banking” in Positive Banking. Now, let’s talk about

The “positive” in Positive Banking

There’s no easy way to say this – your money management woes have been going home with you lately, and that is not okay. It’s actually worse than “not okay”.

You know what would be okay? Making moving money so easy for you that you start enjoying it – that managing your finances becomes a pleasurable, positive experience. 

The next, and very valid, question is – how?

Design. That’s how.

Positive Banking, as a system, has been designed to fit the needs of startups and their founders like a magical glove. From automation to an intuitive interface to a unified dashboard where your finances are tracked, everything in the Positive Banking ecosystem is built for founders like you.

The fundamentals of Positive Banking are not just functional but also psychological. This means the system was built to make your money movement simpler, and also to make managing your finances a happy, positive affair.

Think user access control, which kills the frustration of having to share OTPs, and automated TDS payments, so you don’t have to pay your taxes on five different portals.

Roll all of that up, and you get easy usage, easy tracking, easy automation, easy reporting, easy access control, easy everything. And, most importantly, it’s easy on your mind.

Oh, and that’s not all.

To err is human, to grow, startup-ly

I’m sure you have, at some point, counted the number of hours you spend on financial operations. I’m also sure that was A LOT of hours. A lot of hours that, you wish, you could spend growing your business.

Wish granted.

That it’s built for startups also means Positive Banking cuts down a significant amount of time that you spend on managing your money, so you can spend it on growing your business instead.

Positive Banking = more time for growth = delight for you. Sweet.

Such is the Power of Positive Banking – first, it takes away the frustration and stress that come with banking; second, it brings you an experience of sheer delight as you manage your money; and third, it gives you more freedom to do what you love – growing your business.

Trumps basic banking big time, eh?

The long and short of it

You need to be stress-free and have ample time on your hands to do the most important thing for your startup – growing it. And while all your stress cannot disappear in thin air, nor can you have all the time in the world for growth (oh, what a world that would be!), there’s still hope. 

That hope, my friend, is called Positive Banking.

Long story: you need the Power of Positive Banking behind you to fuel your growth and, at the same time, take care of your wellbeing. Short story: you need RazorpayX. Click To Tweet

Ready when you are.

No, I need more convincing.

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