The conversion rate of any website is the percentage of people who interact with the page after visiting it.

If your website’s conversion rate is 50%, it means that half of all people who visited your page interacted with it in some way – could be an advertisement or a CTA button. 


A good conversion rate means that your website is effective at converting visitors into leads. If your content, images, and designs are good, more people will want to explore your site! More people exploring your site means more opportunities to convert visitors into leads. 

If your conversion rate is low, consider rethinking the content and design of your website.


What is a good conversion rate?

Anywhere between 2% and 5% is a decent conversion rate. Between 6% and 10% means your site is performing exceptionally well.

How to improve conversion rate?

If your website's conversion rate is low, you should consider rethinking the content on your page, or the design of your website.

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