What did India buy online during the last 12 months? The answer, in short, is everything: from mutual funds to automobile parts, from telecom services to nursing facilities, India paid digitally for virtually every manner of product and service.

The Razorpay platform facilitated over a billion transactions during this last financial year. We analysed this data to understand how and when India spent its money online, and put those insights into this report: Biryani, BSE and Bills.

When broken down, the data told us some great stories. We found, for example, that the greatest purchases of baby products tended to occur between 11pm and midnight: there were more than twice as many transactions as during the 8pm-9pm window. We also found that India spent the most on food on December 31: more than twice the daily average.

The data confirmed what we know anecdotally to be true: that people like to have a good time in December before enrolling in fitness programmes in January, or that people buy (a lot of) flowers for Valentine’s Day. But the data also shed light on other things: how rapidly India is taking a liking to trading, or how popular fantasy sports are (how’s your team for tonight’s game looking?) or how much is spent on jewellery.

We found India had three large avenues for online expenditure: food, trading and bill payments. Hence our title.

Note: All numbers are estimates based on data from transactions held on the Razorpay platform for the period between April 1, 2021 and Mar 31, 2022.

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