About A.N. Fashions

In the vibrant world of fashion, Nitika Gujral stands as a seasoned artisan, weaving a tale of almost four decades of creativity. Her journey in designing clothes commenced during high school when the seeds of her passion blossomed into a lifelong commitment to fashion.

A.N. Fashions, a bespoke Indian occasion-wear brand exclusively for women, stands as a testament to the essence of homegrown craftsmanship. Nitika’s journey into clothing design commenced with a heartfelt inaugural exhibition dedicated to loved ones, marking the initiation of her venture into the fashion world.

However, the brand faced international hurdles, particularly delays in obtaining crucial Foreign Inward Remittance Certificates (FIRCs), prompting a quest for a streamlined solution to enhance efficiency for their global clientele.

Navigating International Hurdles: A.N. Fashions’ Challenge with FIRCs

The FIRC is a document that acts as proof of inward remittance to India. In other words, if you are an exporter and receive payment in the form of foreign currency, this document acts as evidence of the same transfer. Sharing FIRCs with business partners, suppliers, or other stakeholders enhances transparency and builds trust. It demonstrates that the merchant has received payments under international trade standards.

A.N. Fashions is highly regarded for curating exquisite occasion wear tailored for special moments. With a diverse clientele spanning various countries, the brand encountered challenges in acquiring Foreign Inward Remittance Certificates (FIRCs), causing notable delays. Recognizing the crucial role FIRCs play, A.N. Fashions recognizes its importance in providing important information about dealing with foreign money and skillfully handling risks related to foreign exchange.

The typical processing time for these certificates by banks takes 4-5 working days, presenting a major challenge for the company. The prolonged timeline hindered operational efficiency and proved to be a time-consuming endeavor in acquiring the FIRCs.

Consequently, A.N. Fashions sought a solution that could streamline the FIRC generation process, ensuring a more prompt and convenient experience for their international customer base.

From Days to Seconds: Streamlining FIRC Generation with Razorpay MoneySaver Export Account

The Razorpay dashboard delivers automated e-FIRCs for each transaction, reducing the processing time from 4-5 days to seconds. This 1 click FIRC generation solution not only minimizes manual workload but also enhances efficiency by streamlining processes for merchants. Tailored for exporters, the Razorpay MoneySaver Export Account enables merchants to effortlessly receive international payments via wire transfer methods like ACH, SWIFT, SEPA, BACS, and Fedwire. It also ensures that Indian exporters can provide their international customers with a local banking experience spanning over 200+ countries.

Razorpay MoneySaver Export Account emerged as a comprehensive solution for A.N. Fashions, elevating operational efficiency and eradicating the cumbersome paperwork associated with traditional remittance systems. 

Go Global with Razorpay MoneySaver Export Excellence!

The Razorpay MoneySaver Export Account has seamlessly woven efficiency and convenience into the tapestry of A.N. Fashions’ global success story. As A.N. Fashions continues to set standards for fashion across borders, you too can embark on your global journey with Razorpay. Start your MoneySaver Export journey today! 



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