‘When you buy from a small business, someone does a little happy dance.’

That someone is definitely us at Razorpay. For our Razors (what we call our team), work doesn’t just mean building the best digital payment, capital, and banking solutions for small businesses. It’s also part of our lives. And the bet: we can all do it too!

Here’s how five Razors support small businesses in their everyday lives and purchases:

1. Practice patience when you buy from a small business

Shweta Rao, content marketing manager, regularly buys from small businesses like Spirit Animal, Goodmylk, Squash Foods, and Living Food Company.  Why? Here’s what she says:

Growing up in India’s startup capital, Bangalore, I was exposed to conversations around the incredible risk an entrepreneur undertakes to start his/her own thing. Today, that exposure inspires me to respect these entrepreneurs too. So, I usually lookout for brands that are doing something unique, and they turn out to be startups or SMEs that are passionately looking into creating value for their customers. So, that’s why I ensure I go back to them every time I want to buy a product, even if (sometimes) I face delivery delays or other operational hiccups.”

Advice on how to support a small business

By supporting a small business, you are supporting a community. SMBs boost the economy and foster healthy competition and pave the way for innovation in the market.

Supporting a small business means sometimes you have to understand that things won’t get delivered to you as swiftly as they would if you bought something similar from another business with deep pockets.

 These SMBs don’t have large teams and are usually run by cash-strapped teams powered mainly by passion – you will still receive a different kind of care and quality for your patience. So, you usually have nothing to lose.

2. Donate – Help small businesses help others

Mihir Kulkarni, senior associate, business analytics, feels that you can also donate and contribute to their causes besides buying from small businesses. He donates to Dabbawala Charity and often buys from Digio and Farmizen.

Impressed with the unique ideas and innovative solutions that small businesses bring to the table, Mihir says, “I like that Digio has cleverly used the aadhar system to significantly reduce the time and make things simpler for the end customers. Farmizen also has an impressive business model, as they are not just delivering organic food, but also creating regular income flow for farmers.” 

Advice on how to support a small business

Mihir strongly feels that SMBs provide better services than the big players in the market. A small business creates an ecosystem of social welfare by solving some big problems of society. And hence, we should not dismiss them just because we are not aware of their brand, rather try their products at least once before making any decision.

3. Become their brand advocate

Sanya Sethi, associate product marketing manager, supports BakeAhead, Suta Bombay, LocalTijori, Bunnai, and Ecoright Bags.

Sanya loves small businesses for their uniqueness and the deep understanding of their consumers. She believes that SMBs drive a change in society through innovative ideas. “I support SMBs by not just buying from them but also making sure that I spread the word among my friends and family,” says Sanya.  

Advice on how to support a small business

Sanya believes that the best way to support a small business besides buying from them is by spreading the word about them. She suggests that one can put up an appreciation post on social media channels or drop in a review on their websites. “Let’s become an influencer for them. Shout out to all SMBs for driving the change! Let’s build a reach together!” says Sanya.

4. Be kind to a small business, don’t ask for discounts

Sreya Vittaldev, social media marketing manager, gets her daily veggies and condiments from Healthy Buddha, Native Tongue, and Not Just Hot. She is an ardent admirer and a big supporter of small businesses. 

Sreya feels happy shopping from Healthy Buddha as they work directly with farmers, removing the middlemen. The produce is clean and grown without chemicals. “I support Healthy Buddha because they are working to empower farmers in an agriculturally backward country like ours,” says Sreya.

 She is a huge fan of preservatives, free jams, and condiments by Native Tongue. Talking about their uniqueness, Sreya says, “the company works with various small communities to create their products and uses Indian indigenous veggies and fruits.”

Her reason to support Not Just Hot (NJH) is simple – they are not working only for themselves but the community at large. “Since this is an all-women-run initiative, NJH also works with women farmers. Their work supports a lot of local fundraisers, and they also recycle their bottles, encouraging customers to do the same,” explains Sreya.  

She not only buys from them but also promotes them actively on all her social media channels with friends and family! “Whenever I find an opportunity to gift, I gift hampers from these small businesses, and that always converts them,” adds Sreya.

Advice on how to support a small business

Sreya suggests not haggling a small business for a discount and leaving them good reviews wherever possible. “SMBs struggle to break even, and a lot of effort goes into setting up and running the business; hence it’s our duty as responsible consumers to honour the maker’s price,” suggests Sreya. 

5. Be open – Give small businesses a chance

Anupriya, design manager, is impressed with the great products, personalized, and amazing service provided by small businesses she supports. Woolly Farms, Rustic Art, Drinkprime, and The Humble Pie are a few small businesses she supports regularly. “I support the SMBs by buying from them often and sharing their links with my friends and family,” says Anupriya. 

Advice on how to support a small business

“I would say, give them a chance! For instance, Woolly Farms get their veggies from local farmers, helping the farmers and consumers get organic and fresh vegetables,” explains Anupriya.


That’s just five stories. There are millions more – both stories and happy dances that can take this conversation forward. Do you also support a small business? We would love to hear it from you!

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