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Automate Online Fee Collection

Fee collection is a common challenge for schools, colleges and other educational institutes. 64% of parents and custodians rate the periodic school fee payment experience poor.
With Razorpay, simplify your fee collection by providing parents and donors a simple and hassle-free way to make payments.

All payment modes

Offer your customers every possible payment option through your robust payment suite that accepts all major national, international cards, wallets and UPI

Smart features

Specially built for use-cases like schools and colleges that receive recurring payments, our ‘card saving’ and ‘auto-debit; features make online payments a breeze.
Timely payments to all vendors and associates can be a truly challenging task and an overhead burden for any school. Razorpay Route helped us streamline vendor payments and automate our reconciliation procedures- Sri Kumarans Children Home

Easily make salary & vendor payments

Making payments to staff, service providers and vendors is as important as collecting fees. With Razorpay, you can conveniently disburse multiple payments at the same time.

Multiple bank accounts

Make transfers to multiple bank accounts or even split payments across multiple departments straight from the Razorpay dashboard.

Automatic scheduler

Never again delay on making your payments. Easily set up automatic schedulers for your important payouts like salaries, campus rent, and utility payments.
Thanks to Razorpay, our fee collection, settlement and reconciliation processes have become a breeze.- Shirpur Education Society

Eliminate Manual Reconciliation

Easily replace all the tedious manual effort that goes into the traditional reconciliation process. Save time and money by automatically reconciling your accounts, be it managing your fee and donation collection or keeping track of your payouts like salaries and expenses.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Stay updated on paid and pending fees and make informed business decisions on through our detailed insights and real-time reports.

Reverse failed payments

Create and share, easy-to-use payment links for the occasional instances that encounter failed transactions.

Innovate & Monetize
Online learning

Online learning and MOOCs are growing now more than ever before. The global online education market is booming and the global online market for e-learning is set to reach $286.62 billion by 2023. This calls for a robust online payments infrastructure that can seamlessly and securely collect payments while enabling continuous learning.

Online subscriptions

Power online education by effortlessly collecting recurring fees and payments through Razorpay Subscriptions.


Get billing solutions that are tailored to your business need. Stay updated on the success of your course by tracking key subscription metrics from revenue earned to customer dropoffs.

Fuel your growth with Razorpay Capital

With Lending and Instant Settlements, prepare better for your growth and working capital requirements.

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