Are you planning to set up an online store via WooCommerce? Finding your way around can be difficult at the beginning, but with a consistent focus on delivering customer delight and a few plug-ins to help, it can be easier than you think.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugins used to set up an online store. The plug-in brings together an end-to-end solution with all the important features to create an e-commerce site. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 7 plug-ins that will help run your business seamlessly. There are many more to the list, of course, but these would greatly help you if you’re just starting out. Let’s begin!


Beeketing is a very popular plug-in used to optimize Conversion Rate (CVR) for businesses. Beeketing is extremely useful in upselling and cross-selling your products. This helps you regulate your customer funnel to a seamless flow where you offer products to your customers based on their interests.

Beeketing also provides a unique solution where they help trigger a scarcity. This can work well for e-commerce companies during festive and sale seasons. Beeketing also offers a host of customizable options you can give to customers at checkout. 

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One of the most important aspects of online commerce is to provide a seamless, secure payments experience, and that’s exactly what Razorpay helps you do. The Razorpay plug-in allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, netbanking, wallet, and UPI payments. 

Razorpay provides seamless integration, allowing the customer to pay on your website without being redirected away. It supports refunds, works across all browsers, and is compatible with the latest WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce Multilingual

One of the most essential steps to increasing your reach nationally or internationally is to appeal to a vernacular audience. A translated page can appeal to a wider target audience and WooCommerce Multilingual even lets you create unique URLs for them.

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Did you know that online fraud jumped 6-fold in the last 2 years? Read more.

With the nation rapidly embracing digitization, there are a lot of ways by which fraudsters are looking to make money. Every day, there are new strategies devised to trick customers in novice ways.

But, worry no more, because Thirdwatch is here!

Thirdwatch is the first-of-its-kind, AI-powered solution to detect e-commerce fraud. With Razorpay Thirdwatch, you can detect fraud orders, risky orders, impulse purchases, non-deliverable addresses and save up to 30% of your business costs. What’s better? You can flag fraudulent users based on their habits and save on shipping costs for cancelled orders, too!

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YITH Magnifier 

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The online market has only recently piqued the trust of users. This means that customers still want to get a closer look at what they’re buying, literally. 

Though a zoom-in feature may just seem like a minor detail, it can go a long way in enhancing customer experience. Econsultancy did an A/B test that resulted in larger images converting 36% better than smaller images.

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WooCommerce Currency Switcher

If you’re planning to take your business international and if you’re wondering where to begin, Currency Switcher should definitely be on your essential list. With a seamless conversion, offshore customers can now purchase your goods as well. 

With the help of the Currency Switcher plugin, clients can switch currencies instantaneously to check the prices of products in their preferred currency.

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For any brand to leave a lasting impact on their customers, they must build a community of like-minded peers. The easiest way to bring together a community is to offer different reward programs to your customers.

This incentivizes their purchase and also keeps them coming back for more. With WooRewards, you can give your customers one more reason to purchase, while making them more loyal to your brand.

WooRewards offers a horde of features where you can design the loyalty program from the ground up like a loyalty level system, points visualization, etc.

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That ends our list of the 7 best e-commerce plug-ins every WooCommerce business needs. We’ll be back soon with more ways to supercharge your business, keep watching this space!


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