RazorpayX Account Types

Add funds to the RazorpayX Virtual Account and Current Account.

To make payouts, you must have a bank account linked to your RazorpayX account. There are two types of accounts available to you:

  • Virtual Account
  • Current Account

Virtual Account🔗

The Virtual account is available to you as soon as you sign up with RazorpayX. The Virtual account has an account number and IFSC. You can get these details on your RazorpayX Dashboard. Go to My Account & Settings on the RazorpayX Dashboard, and click on Banking in the left-hand side menu. You will see your account details as shown here:

For a safer and secured banking experience, you must add funds to your Virtual account from validated bank accounts only. You can add upto 5 accounts for fund loading on the RazorpayX Dashboard.

Current Account🔗

The Current account offers all standard banking features like cheque book, debit card and account statement.

To request for a Current account:

  1. Raise a request using the support form from the RazorpayX Dashboard.
  2. After receiving your request, we will contact you and initiate the process to open a Current account. You can check the progress on your RazorpayX Dashboard. The following status updates will be visible on your Dashboard.



Process Initiated

  • We have received your request and will contact you to understand your requirements and help you gather the documents required to open a Current account.

  • We inform our partner bank RBL to contact you, collect the required documents and take the process further.

    Documents required to open a Current account

    will differ based on your business type.

Processing by Bank

  • Our partner bank has received the documents required to process your request and complete KYC.

  • A Relationship Manager from RBL will contact you if further clarification is needed.

Processed by Bank

  • At this stage, your Current account is created by the bank.

  • Account details are sent to you via email or seen on the Dashboard.

  • You can add funds to your Current account.

  • You CANNOT MAKE PAYOUTS using your Current account at this stage.


You can now start creating payouts using funds from your Current account. To do this:

  • Pass your Current account number in the account_number parameter when creating a payout using APIs.
  • Select the Current account as the debit account when creating a payout from the Dashboard.

Here is a sample dashboard after account activation:

Add Funds🔗

You need to add funds to your RazorpayX account to make payouts. This can be done by direct bank transfer via:

You can add funds to your RazorpayX virtual account only through validated bank accounts. For more information on the validation process, refer Source Account Validation.

Direct Bank Transfer: Netbanking🔗

You can transfer funds to your RazorpayX account via a direct bank transfer from bank accounts.

Add Funds🔗

Watch this video to know more about adding funds to your virtual account using netbanking.

To add funds to your Razorpay virtual account via a direct bank transfer:

  1. Log into your netbanking account.
  2. Create a beneficiary using your RazorpayX account number and IFSC details. These can be found on your Dashboard.
  3. Transfer funds via IMPS, NEFT or RTGS.

Direct Bank Transfers: UPI Apps🔗

To transfer funds to your RazorpayX account from your UPI app:

  1. Log into your UPI app.
  2. Create a beneficiary using your RazorpayX account number and IFSC details. These can be found on your Dashboard.
  3. Transfer funds via IMPS.

Low Balance Email Alerts🔗

If your account does not have a sufficient balance, payouts are queued and processed when you add funds to your account. This could cause delays in processing payouts and a bad experience for your customers or vendors.

To help you avoid low balance scenarios, you can set up email alerts when your account balance falls below the limit set by you.

Set Up Email Alerts🔗

Watch this video to see how to set up low balance email alerts.

To set up email alerts:

  1. Go to RazorpayX Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to My Accounts & SettingsBankingLow Balance Alerts.

Watch Out!
You can set Low Balance Alerts only in Live mode. It does not work in Test mode.

The following options are available when setting low balance alerts:

  • Independent Limits
    You can set up independent limits for each bank account linked to your RazorpayX account. For example, you can set the limit as ₹50,000 for your virtual account and ₹75,000 for your current account.
  • Email Addresses
    You must enter the email address to which the email alerts must be sent. You can enter multiple email addresses. You can also send these emails to users who are not part of your RazorpayX team.
  • Notification Frequency
    You can select how often you want the email alerts to be sent to you. The default is set to 8 hours. The available options are 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours.