Contacts FAQs

Find answers to the frequently asked questions about RazorpayX Contacts and Fund Accounts.

Contacts and Fund AccountsπŸ”—

1. What is a contact in RazorpayX?πŸ”—

A contact is an entity to whom payouts can be made through supported modes such as UPI/IMPS/NEFT/RTGS.

2. How do I create a contact?πŸ”—

You can create contacts on RazorpayX by providing contact name, email id, mobile, and so on. Contacts can be created via API, RazorpayX Dashboard, or in bulk using bulk upload. Know more about Creating a Contact.

3. What are Fund Accounts?πŸ”—

To make a payout to a contact, you must create a Fund Account associated with that contact. Payouts made to the contact are credited to that fund account. Thus its necessary to create a fund account to start transacting with the contact.

There are mutliple types of fund accounts and RazorpayX supports two types of them.

  • Bank account
  • VPA (Virtual Payment Address)

They are necessary to process bank transfers of UPI/VPA payments.

4. How do I add bank account for a Contact?πŸ”—

You add a bank account for a contact by creating a fund account for that contact. Select the contact to which you want to add bank account details. Then specify the bank account number, IFSC, bank name and the contact’s full name (as given in their bank records) while creating a fund account of the type bank account.

5. Can I add the same bank account against multiple Contacts?πŸ”—

Yes. If your business needs require you to add the same bank account against multiple contacts, you can do so.

6. Can I add multiple bank accounts or VPA addresses to a Contact?πŸ”—

Yes. You can add as many bank accounts and VPA addresses against a contact as you wish. This creates more than one fund account for that contact.

7. What is a VPA and how do I add VPA for a Contact?πŸ”—

VPA stands for Virtual Payment Address. This is required for making UPI based payouts to a person or an entity. You need to provide the contact’s VPA address while creating a fund account of type VPA before associating the fund account to the contact.

8. Can I classify a contact?πŸ”—

Yes, you can classify a contact as per your business needs. When you are classifying a contact, you are assigning a type or a category to that contact. Examples include a contact type such as 'Vendor', 'Employee', and other custom types. Know more about Contact types.

9. What is meant by 'Active' and 'Inactive' contact?πŸ”—

By default a new contact created is in active status. However, for business needs, you can mark a contact as 'Inactive'. If marked 'Inactive', payouts cannot be created against that contact. If you want to resume payouts to a contact, then mark them as 'Active' again.

10. What modifications can I make to a contact once created?πŸ”—

Once created, you can modify any properties of the contact. Infact, you can also mark a contact as 'Inactive' or 'Active'. Know more about Fund account actions.

11. How do I block payouts to a Contact?πŸ”—

You can mark a contact as 'Inactive' to block any payout requests to a contact.

12. How do I resume payouts to a blocked Contact?πŸ”—

Mark the contact as β€˜Active’ to resume payouts to the contact.

13. Can I automatically import my linked accounts and customers from the PG dashboard to RazorpayX?πŸ”—

No. You cannot automatically import customers and linked accounts from Razorpay PG dashboard to RazorpayX.