Create a RazorpayX account to automate TDS payments, Payouts and Refunds.

RazorpayX supercharges your business banking experience. We help business owners and finance teams automate manual, repetitive financial tasks and provide insights into money flow.

What's New


Using RazorpayX, you can process:

  • Refunds for customers.
  • Salary payouts with automated statutory payments such as PF and TDS.
  • Vendor payouts with automated TDS payments.

You can make timely payouts on RazorpayX either via our user-friendly Dashboard or developer-friendly APIs in 3 easy steps.

Watch this video to learn more about RazorpayX:

Use Cases🔗

Payouts can be used for any type of business requirement. Few use cases are provided below.

Recurring Vendor Payments🔗

Businesses need to make payouts to their vendors at regular intervals for the goods delivered and services rendered. These payouts are generally recurring in nature and are thus planned payouts. Such use cases can be served by making NEFT and RTGS payouts to vendor contacts.

If you are an existing Razorpay user, you can use your Razorpay Payment Gateway credentials to sign into RazorpayX.

Use your existing API key to fire RazorpayX APIs.