Customer Refunds

Request for refund if you are a customer looking for refund from businesses who use Razorpay to accept payments. Contact business for refund, track your refund or raise a chargeback.

If you have made payments to a business that uses Razorpay and are looking for a refund:

Handy Tips
Razorpay is a payment solution provider and cannot make refunds on behalf of the business.

Watch this video to see how to request for refund.

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Contact Business for Refund🔗

If you have not received the products or services or are dissatisfied with the products or services received and want a refund, contact the business and request for a refund.

  • If you have made the payment on the business website or app, you can find the support details on their contact us/support page.

  • If you have made payments using a Payment Link or a Payment Page, you can view the support details on the same page.


Refund Communication🔗

If a customer is asking for a refund, the banking partner provides a unique reference number (either RRN, ARN or UTR) when a refund is processed. The customer can use this reference number to track the refund status with the bank.

As a customer, you will be notified of the specific payment to be refunded in 7-10 working days.

Razorpay sends the following email communications for refunds:

  • Refund Mailer
    After the business processes the refund, Razorpay sends you an email with the refund id and a unique reference number provided by the bank (ARN, RRN or UTR). This mail also contains a link for the refund tracker.

  • ARN Update Mailer
    If you want a refund for a credit card payment, the banking partner will send an ARN to Razorpay. Razorpay sends you an email with this ARN number. You can use this ARN number to trace your transaction with your card issuer.

Handy Tips
Razorpay sends the Refund and RRN/ARN Update emailers only if the customer email is passed to us.

Track Your Refund Using Refund Tracker🔗

After a business initiates the refund, it can take 7-10 days to reach your account, depending on your bank. Read this blog to know why refunds take time.

You can use our tracking tool to check the status of the refund. Watch this video to see how to track refunds using the Refund Tracker.

To track your refund:

  1. Visit Refund Tracker and click Customer.

  2. In the Track Payments form on the right, enter one of the following IDs:

    • Payment ID
    • Refund ID
    • Order ID
    • Booking ID
      You can find the relevant ID in the payment confirmation email or booking history.
  3. Perform the CAPTCHA step and click Check Status. The refund details are displayed as shown below:

Raise a Dispute (Chargeback)🔗

If you are unable to contact the business or their response is not satisfactory, contact your bank to raise a dispute.

A customer can raise a dispute against a particular transaction and contact the bank through which the customer has made the payment. The bank will raise the dispute with Razorpay. We will work with the bank and assist in resolving the issue amicably.

Handy Tips

  • Please wait at least 7 days from the date of payment to escalate a dispute for an item not received. Ensure that you have given the business enough time before opening a dispute.
  • Please provide complete details about the issue to help us decide on the best solution to resolve it.


1. What should I do if I have not received my refund even after 10-12 working days?🔗

Ideally, refunds are credited in 10-12 working days. In case you have not received your refund, check the refund status in the Refund Tracker. Know more about tracking your refund using Refund Tracker.

2. How do I check my order status after the amount is deducted from my account?🔗

Upon a successful transaction, you will receive a confirmation email from Razorpay. We are a payment gateway and only facilitate the business with online payments. For the status of the order, contact the business.

3. How do I cancel my order?🔗

All the queries related to full or partial cancellation of orders should be routed to the business. Razorpay is a payment solution provider and does not ship or dispatch orders. Please contact the business for queries regarding cancellation or returns.

After the business cancels the order and initiates the refund, the amount will be credited to your account in 7-10 days. You can check the status of your refund using the Refund Tracker. Know more about tracking your refund using Refund Tracker.

4. Can I file a complaint if I have not received my order?🔗

We suggest that you wait for 7-10 business days for physical goods and 1 business day for digital goods. If you have still not received the items, or if the items received are materially different, defective, or damaged, contact the business to resolve the issue.

Include the following details while sending an email to the business:

  • Date of transaction.
  • Amount of transaction.
  • Order ID shared by the business.
  • Payment ID shared by Razorpay(pay_9uxxxxxxx34z).
  • Description of the problem.

If the business does not respond to your emails and phone calls within 3-5 working days, contact your bank to raise a dispute.