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RazorpayX - Fund Accounts

A fund account is an entity to which payouts are made. To make a payout to a contact, you must add a fund account to the contacts.

There is no limitation on the number of fund accounts that can be associated with a contact.

Fund Account Types🔗

Fund accounts are associated with a contact. Payouts are made to fund accounts. Currently, RazorpayX supports payouts to three types of fund accounts:

  • Bank account: Make payouts to a beneficiary's bank account via bank transfer using one of the available such as NEFT or IMPS.
  • Credit Card: Make payouts directly to a beneficiary's credit card by bank transfer using NEFT or IMPS.
  • Debit Card or Prepaid Card: Make payouts directly to a beneficiary's debit card or prepaid card using the 'card' mode.
  • UPI ID (VPA): Make payouts to a beneficiary's UPI ID via a UPI transfer.
  • Wallet: Make payouts to your beneficiary's wallet. Currently, you can make payouts to a beneficiary via an Amazon Pay gift card.

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