Quick Start Guide

You can accept payments from your customers as follows:

  • Right away, without any integration.
  • Integrate your website or app with our products.

Where do I Start#

Before accepting payments, be prepared with the following:

  • Create a Razorpay account
  • Understand the Transaction Modes
  • Select a product for accepting payments
  • Decide the Integration Path

Create a Razorpay account#

If you are not an account holder with Razorpay, sign up for an account.

  1. Go to our website
  2. Click Sign Up and enter the required details
  3. Log into Razorpay Dashboard using your account credentials. You can now start using our products displayed on the left pane.

Understanding the Transaction Modes#

Each Razorpay account can be run in the following modes:

  • Test Mode
  • Live Mode

Test Mode#

If you are looking to explore the products, configure the supported payment methods, monitor the application using Webhooks, you can do so from your Dashboard using the Test Mode. By default, all the new accounts are in the Test Mode.

In the Test Mode you can simulate the real-time transactions. No money is deducted from your customer's account as this is an experimental mode. Once you understand the payment flow and how the products work, you must switch to Live Mode to start accepting payments from your customers.

Test card details in the Checkout#

In order to test the payment flow using bank cards, you can select from the list given below:

Card Description

Card Number

Mastercard for Payment Gateway payments

5104 0155 5555 5558
5104 0600 0000 0008

Visa for Payment Gateway payments

4111 1111 1111 1111

Card for Subscription

5104 0155 5555 5558
You can enter any CVV, any future expiry.

Mastercard for International Payments

5555 5555 5555 4444

Visa for International Payments

4012 8888 8888 1881
4000 1841 8621 8826.
Any CVV, Any future expiry

AMEX test card

3798 620000 00006

Live Mode#

After getting familiarized with the product and testing all the features thoroughly in the Test Mode you can switch to Live Mode. All the real-time transactions can be visualized in the Live Mode. Although you can start accepting the payments in this mode, they will be settled to your account only after your KYC form is verified by us.

Generating API Keys#

The authentication keys, Key ID and Key Secret, are required to authenticate each API request made to the Razorpay servers. These keys are unique to a transaction mode and cannot be reused. Therefore,you have to generate separate keys for each mode.

API keys can be generated from the Dashboard as shown here, generate API keys short animation.

Accepting payments#

Depending on your business use case, click any of the products from the left pane in the Dashboard.

Accept Payments without Integration#

If you want to instantly accept payments from your customers and do not want any integration, select from the following products:

Integrate with our Products#

Integrating with our products can provide numerous benefits to your businesses. You can accept payments using different payment methods, provide enhanced security for payments, set the schedule of the payments to be received, calculate taxes, increase accessibilty of your website or mobile app to your customers.

  • Subscriptions
  • Route
  • Smart Collect

Deciding the Integration Path#

Before you start integrating with our products, you might want to consider the available integration paths:

If you want to...

do this...

Integrate your website with Payment Gateway

Refer our standard Checkout integration documentation

Integrate your mobile app with Payment Gateway

Refer our standard mobile SDKs and customize UI SDKs documentation

Integrate directly with our server-side APIs

Refer our server-to-server integration documentation

Use our Payment Gateway plugins for your e-commerce platforms

Refer our ecommerce plugins documentation

If you need any customization for the available integration methods or want to explore other methods of integration, raise a Support ticket