Get Started - Thirdwatch

Integrate Razorpay Thirdwatch with your website or e-commerce store to solve problems around product returns by making go or no-go decisions on orders.

You can integrate Thirdwatch with your Shopify store and solve product returns problems by making go or no-go decisions on orders.

Plugin IntegrationπŸ”—

Install the Shopify plugin from the respective marketplace or store. Download the Thirdwatch Shopify plugin from the Shopify app store.

The Shopify plugin collects the following information:

  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Order Details

Device fingerprintingπŸ”—

When a customer tries to purchase on your website, Thirdwatch collects details, such as name, phone number, email id, IP address, device, and browser used. This will create a unique fingerprint for each session.

A fingerprint is a unique hashed string identifier that will generate by combining the hashed values of device parameters, such as the user agent, plugins installed, webGL rendering information, device OS, and fonts installed. Thirdwatch’s Fingerprint SDK generates this identifier for the user and passes it to Thirdwatch. This helps identify customers better as the device parameters remain unchanged irrespective of the browsing platform used, cookies, and other application-level identifiers.

Order detailsπŸ”—

This contains details, such as items, quantity, price, shipping address, promo code used, and payment details.

When a customer purchases on your website, you should send details of the order, such as items, quantity, price, shipping address, promo code used, and payment details to Thirdwatch. Thirdwatch uses this information to detect potential fraud.

Post IntegrationπŸ”—

Following are the post-integration steps:

Thirdwatch Order Analysis and StatusπŸ”—

After the integration is complete, Thirdwatch analyses the device fingerprint and order details and returns a green or red as the status of the order. These states are explained below.

  • Green
    An order is marked green when all the information required to ship it is available. You can safely ship the order to your customer.
  • Red
    An order is marked red when it has a high probability of RTO. You should review and take appropriate actions on such orders from the Thirdwatch Dashboard. You can choose to:
    • Approve the order and ship it to your customer.
    • Decline the order. The order is cancelled.
    • Put the order on hold. You can further check the information and then choose to either approve or reject the order. This step checks whether the flags are working.

Capture Final Order StatusπŸ”—

You can connect the Thirdwatch with the Shipping or OMS Platform. This helps to get the order details from your Shipping or OMS platform to Thirdwatch.