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Flutter - FAQs

1. What is order id and how to generate it ?#

Order creation is the primary step of the Razorpay payment flow. When customer clicks the pay button on your app, an Order is created and a corresponding order_id is generated in the response. This order_id must be passed to the Razorpay Checkout options added in your Flutter app.

Learn more about Orders.

2. What is the process for raising a request for a new feature?#

If you think of a new feature that can add more values or if that should be included in our plugin, please raise a pull request or create a feature request from New IssueFeature Request on our GitHub repository.

3. How can I update the existing 'razorpay-pod'?#

Go to iOS folder in your project and run 'pod update' to update all the pods.

If you do not want to update all pods, run 'pod update razorpay-pod'