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Home Page

The Home screen provides you an overview of payment-related information.

Once your account is activated and KYC verified, the Home screen appears as shown:

Merchant Balance and Payment-related Info🔗

Your current Razorpay account balance is shown on the Dashboard. You can Add Funds to increase your balance, if required.

Payment Volume data provides an overview of the Payment Volume, Number of Payments received and Number of Refunds made for the selected date range.

Reporting and Analytics🔗

The Home screen provides in-depth information about activity on your account. This includes a wide range of analytics and real-time charts that provide insight into the performance of your business and recent activity that may require you to take action.

Data can be generated for a selected period. Graphs are automatically generated for the selected period and can be filtered to display data on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis and group data either by Total Volume or by Payment method. You can hover over the graph for a break down of data.

Payment Insights data showcases the various methods used by your customers to make payments. You can also filter and view insights by Number of Payments or Payment Volume. You can click on each method to further drill down into the data.

Traffic Split data groups the data by the platform used to make the payment, desktop or others.

Recent Activity🔗

This section displays recent Payment, Settlement and Refund related activity.

Click Payments, Settlements or Refunds to view the related activity. Click the respective IDs for more information about the transaction.