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Android Integration - Customization Options

You can customize the Checkout form to suit your business needs. You can perform the following customizations:

Add Company Logo🔗

By default, the Checkout form uses the logo specified in the Settings section of the Razorpay Dashboard. You can also set a custom logo in the Checkout form. For this you need to call the following method before you call the open method.

Copyint image = R.drawable.logo; // Can be any drawable checkout.setImage(image);

Drawable Image Given Higher Preference:
You can also pass the logo image as one of the checkout options. If you pass both, that is, image in options as well as through drawable, the image from drawable appears as the Checkout logo.

Disable Checkout in Full Screen🔗

The Checkout form runs in a separate activity. This activity picks up the theme from the Manifest file. Therefore, if you have a full screen theme, even the Checkout will run in full screen. It is suggested to disable the Checkout in full screen mode to enable the user to switch between various apps, for example, while entering the OTP.

If your app is in full screen mode, you can disable it for Checkout by calling the following method: