Activation States

Check the account activation states for your invited sub-merchants and their descriptions.

This section details the sub-merchant's account activation statuses. You can track the account activation status of the sub-merchant on your Razorpay Dashboard under the Affiliate Accounts tab.

Not SubmittedWhen you invite the sub-merchant, and your affiliate account is successfully added, the activation status by default is Not submitted . This is the default status.
Instantly ActivatedYour affiliate account sets the Razorpay account password and provides contact details, business details, and account details. Once these details are fully verified, the activation status moves to Instantly Activated . The sub-merchants can start accepting payments once the account is instantly activated. However, the settlements will not be enabled.
Under ReviewYour affiliate account submits business documents to Razorpay depending on their business type. Razorpay then starts with the KYC review process. This changes the activation status to Under Review .
ActivatedThe account activation status is Activated once the KYC documents are successfully verified. The payments made by the affiliate accounts before they submitted the KYC form and documents will be settled to your account.

Current Account StatusDescription
Application not initiatedAffiliate has not initiated a Current Account application yet.
Application completion pendingComplete CA application is yet to be submitted.
PAN verification in progressWe are verifying the PAN details submitted by your affiliate. Takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.
PAN Verification FailedDirect your affiliate to enter a valid PAN number that is registered with their business to submit KYC.
Telephonic verificationRazorpayX executive will call the affiliate in a few days for verification.
Razorpay processingRazorpayX team is verifying the application internally.
Documents pick up pendingOur partner bank’s executive will help the affiliate to fill the forms and collect them. Details will be shared soon.
Account opening in progressWe are working with our partner bank to get the account opened and activated.
Account openedCurrent Account is opened. Our team is working on activating the account on RazorpayX. This usually takes 3-5 working days.
Account activatedCurrent account is now active.
Request CancelledCurrent Account request has been cancelled.
UnserviceableWe are unable to service the Current Account opening request.
Request RejectedCurrent Account opening request has been rejected by RazorpayX/partner bank's team.
On holdCurrent Account opening request has been put on hold.
Request ReceivedWe have received your request and will contact you to understand your requirements and help you gather the documents required to open a current account.
Process StartedWe inform our partner bank RBL to contact you, collect the required documents and take the process further. Documents required to open a Current Account will differ based on your business type.
Bank KYC in progressOur partner bank has received the documents required to process your request and complete KYC. A Relationship Manager from RBL will contact you if further clarification is needed.

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