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Resellers - Add Sub-merchants

As a Reseller Partner, you can add sub-merchants who can use Razorpay products. By default, you will have access to refer merchants to Razorpay payments products only. You get a partnership commission when the sub-merchants perform any transactions using Razorpay products. Know more about partnership commission.
Currently, functionality to refer merchants to RazorpayX Current Account is available to selected partners. If you want to opt for this functionality post signing up as a partner, reach out to Razorpay Support.

Who is a Sub-merchant🔗

Sub-merchants are the merchants who get onboarded on the Razorpay platform by a Partner. For example, Acme wants to provide an order management solution for its client company "Gekko". In this scenario, "Gekko" is Acme's sub-merchant.

A sub-merchant can access and manage their Razorpay Dashboard. Once onboarded, sub-merchant accounts (affiliate accounts) must be activated to start collecting or disbursing payments.

Add Sub-Merchants🔗

You can add your affiliate partners/sub-merchants directly using the Razorpay Dashboard. You can also encourage businesses to sign up for Razorpay accounts by sharing referral links on social media and instant messengers. There are 2 ways to refer sub-merchants:

Add Sub-merchant Using Email ID🔗

You can invite and add sub-merchants using their email id to sign up and register on Razorpay. You can send an invite link to an individual account or multiple accounts.

You can send a maximum of 1,00,000 invites/day. This could be individual invites, bulk invites or a combination of both.

Add One Sub-merchant🔗

To add a new sub-merchant using email id:

  1. Log in to the Razorpay Dashboard.

  2. Click Partner to open the Partner section.

  3. In the Partner section, click + Add New Merchant.

  4. For partners who have X referrals activated on their account, if you want to refer merchants for Razorpay Payment Products, select Razorpay Payments from the option and click Next. If you want to refer merchants for Current Account, select RazorpayX from the option and click Next as shown here:

  5. Add the following information and click Send Invite:

    1. Account Name: Enter the name of the business you want to add as a sub-merchant.
    2. Email Address: Enter the email address of the business to which the sign-up link must be sent.

Once you click on Send Invite, your affiliate partners will receive a Create a Password link via email to reset the password. The newly added sub-merchant will appear in the merchant list on the Partner Dashboard with a default Activation Status as Not Submitted.


For partners with RazorpayX referrals activated, sub-merchants referred for Payments can be seen under Affiliate Razorpay Accounts, and sub-merchants referred for Current Account can be seen under Affiliate RazorpayX Accounts as shown below:


To get started, the sub-merchants referred for Payment products, must proceed to complete the Account Activation and KYC Verification processes by using their Razorpay account credentials.

And, sub-merchants referred for RazorpayX Current Account, must log into their RazorpayX Dashboard and start account activation by completing KYC.

Add Multiple Sub-merchants🔗

You can send invites to multiple users using the Add Multiple Accounts option. You upload an XLSX or CSV file with the Dashboard's required data. You can send a single sign up invitation link to multiple affiliate accounts in bulk. This enables your sub-merchants to sign up and register on Razorpay.

Multiple Account Creation Template🔗

The account creation template contains the following headers.

account_name optional
Name of the sub-merchant's account.
email mandatory
The Email address of the sub-merchant.

Watch Out!

  • You should not modify field names/headers in a batch as it might result in an upload failure, which is account_name and email.
  • The number of sheets in the file should be only 1.
  • The size of the file can be up to 50 MB. You can add up to 5,000 rows in a particular file. The links will be processed in the same sequence as listed in the file.

To add multiple accounts using Multiple Account Creation Template:

  1. Log into the Razorpay Dashboard with your credentials.
  2. Click Partner on the sidebar menu.
  3. Navigate to Affiliate Accounts and click + Add New Accounts.
  4. For partners accounts on which X referrals have been activated, in the Add New Accounts modal, select Razorpay payments or RazorpayX depending on which types of products you want to refer sub-merchant to.
  5. Click the Click to Upload button. In the pop-up window that appears, drag-drop the file over the highlighted area or select your file from your system. To view and understand the file format requirements, download the sample template.
add multiple account
  1. The file is validated for any associated errors and uploaded to the Razorpay server. Click Invite contacts to send invites to affiliate accounts via email.
send invite

Once the file is successfully processed, you will receive the account creation status via email. The email attachment will include both success and/or failure details for each account, including the error code and exact reason for the failure.

The newly added sub-merchants will appear on your list on the Partner Dashboard with a default Activation Status as Not Submitted.

email sent

To get started with the Razorpay account, the sub-merchants will need to create a password to access their Razorpay Dashboard.

You can share the referral link with potential sub-merchants via social media or instant messengers. You can also copy the referral link and send it via email.

To add sub-merchants using a referral link:

  1. Log into the Razorpay Dashboard with your credentials.

  2. In the Partner section, click Share Referral Link.

  3. For partner accounts on which X referrals have been activated, in the Add New Accounts modal, select Razorpay Payments or RazorpayX depending on the products you want to refer sub-merchant to.

  4. A pop-up page appears where you can share the link using:

    1. Copy button: This copies the referral link. You can copy-paste this link and send it via email or instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp.
    2. Facebook: Click the Facebook icon to share the referral link as a post on your Facebook account.
    3. Twitter: Click the Twitter icon to send a tweet with the referral link.

Businesses can click on this referral link and sign up as an affiliate account. As a reseller partner, you will get 0.1% commission for every transaction done by the affiliate accounts who sign up using this link.

Sub-merchant Account Activation States🔗

The following sections shows the sub-merchant's account activation statuses. You can track the account activation status of the sub-merchant on your Razorpay Dashboard under the Affiliate Accounts tab.

For Payment Products🔗



Not Submitted

When you invite the sub-merchant, and your affiliate account is successfully added, the activation status by default is Not submitted. This is the default status.

Instantly Activated

Your affiliate account sets the Razorpay account password and provides contact details, business details, and account details. Once these details are fully verified, the activation status moves to Instantly Activated. The sub-merchants can start accepting payments once the account is instantly activated. However, the settlements will not be enabled.

Under Review

Your affiliate account submits business documents to Razorpay depending on their business type. Razorpay then starts with the KYC review process. This changes the activation status to Under Review.


The account activation status is Activated once the KYC documents are successfully verified. The payments made by the affiliate accounts before they submitted the KYC form and documents will be settled to your account.

For Current Account🔗

Request Received

We have received your request and will contact you to understand your requirements and help you gather the documents required to open a current account.

Process Started

We inform our partner bank RBL to contact you, collect the required documents and take the process further. Documents required to open a Current Account will differ based on your business type.

Bank KYC in progress

Our partner bank has received the documents required to process your request and complete KYC. A Relationship Manager from RBL will contact you if further clarification is needed.