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OAuth Flow

Razorpay OAuth Flow🔗

The following is the flow in which Razorpay OAuth is provided for your application on Razorpay platform.

  1. While trying to use a service of the application, the merchant is asked to connect with Razorpay on that application.
  2. Application redirects to Razorpay authorization URL that requests for the merchant's approval to grant access to the requested resource on Razorpay.
  3. User is shown the approval page where he can accept or reject the grant of this access.
  4. After the user approves or rejects the request, Razorpay will redirect to the redirect_url specified.
    • If Approved, an authorization_code is included as a query param.
    • If Denied, the error reason is sent in the query params.
  5. On approval, the application requests for an access_token in exchange for the authorization_code.
  6. The application can use the access_token in order to access Razorpay APIs on behalf of the merchant.
OAuth Flow