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Make Payouts

Payouts are the payments that you make to your vendors and employees. Use Razorpay products such as Route and RazorpayX to make hassle-free payments.


Easily split incoming payments to individual accounts, make vendor payouts, manage marketplace money flow and much more using Razorpay. Know more about Route.


RazorpayX Banking Hub provides a range of solutions to make payments, such as:

  • Payouts to send payments instantly and securely to bank accounts. You can also send payout to UPI IDs and wallets via APIs, Dashboards and file uploads.
  • Payout Links to send payments without bank account details.
  • Vendor Payments to upload invoices and auto-pay vendors and TDS.
  • Tax Payments to automate tax payments.
  • Payroll to calculate payroll and disburse salaries in a few clicks.

Know more about RazorpayX Banking Hub.