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Error Codes

Razorpay aims to make every transaction successful for its customers. However, in the financial ecosystem errors might still occur because of intermittent communication and technical issues at multiple hops. Hence, it becomes critical for businesses to identify the source of the error, the payment step where the error occurred and the reason that caused the error. In short, you can identify the who, where and why of every payment error. This enables you to minimize or fix errors to reduce any losses.

With the new error codes, Razorpay helps you build your own logic and take remedial action at your end, wherever possible. Deriving these insights can help your business to:

Understanding the Error Response🔗

Let us take an example where a payment failed because the customer entered a wrong OTP while making a payment using card on the Checkout.

Copy{ "error": { "code": "BAD_REQUEST_ERROR", "description": "Authentication failed due to incorrect otp", "field": null, "source": "customer", "step": "payment_authentication", "reason": "invalid_otp", "metadata": { "payment_id": "pay_EDNBKIP31Y4jl8", "order_id": "order_DBJKIP31Y4jl8" } } }

Looking at the source, step and reason provided in the error description, you can understand that the payment failed at the authentication step due to the incorrect OTP entered by the customer. An elegant way to handle this error would be to notify your customer and bring them back to the checkout window and ask them to retry the payment with the correct OTP.