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RazorpayX - Postman Public Workspace

You can try out our APIs on the Razorpay Postman Public Workspace.

Run in Postman

Instructions to use the Postman Collection🔗

  • All RazorpayX APIs are authenticated using Basic Authentication.

    • Add your API Keys in Postman. Selected the required API → Auth → Type = Basic Auth → Username = [Your_Key_ID]; Password = [Your_Key_secret]
  • Some APIs in the collection require data specific to your account such as account_number, contact_id and fund_account_id either in the request body or as a query parameter.

    • For example, the payout API requires you to add the account_number (your virtual or current account number from which the amount for the payout should be deducted) and fund_account_id (the Fund Account ID to which the payout should be made).
    • These parameters are enclosed in {} in the collection. For example, {account_number}.
    • The API throws an error if these are incorrect or do not exist in your system.

Refer to the APIs section for explanations about the API parameters.