Customise Payment Links

Customise the appearance of the Payment Links payment request page using Razorpay APIs. Change the labels of the payment details fields, modify checkout appearance, prefill fields and payment method and more.

You can send standard payment links to customers via email and SMS. When customers click on the payment link, they are redirected to a page hosted by us where they can complete the payment.

The payment request page consists of two sections:

  • Payment Details
    Displays details about the payment description, expiry date, payable amount and in case of partial payments, partial amount paid and due.
  • Checkout
    Displays the Phone and Email fields and list the various payment methods available.

payment links payment request page

You can customize this hosted page as per your brand and business requirements. For example, you may display only specific payment methods, change the color of Checkout, and so on.


  • Currently, this feature is not available for UPI Payment Links.
  • You can only customize the payment request page using API. It is not possible to do this from the Dashboard.

You can try out our APIs on the Razorpay Postman Public Workspace.

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How it Works🔗

You can customize the payment request page to suit your business requirements. You can do this by passing the customization parameters in the Create Payment Links API request.

Shown below is an example of a customized payment request page. You can customize the field labels in the Payment Details section and modify the look-and-feel of the Checkout in the payment request page to meet your brand and business requirements.

payment links customized payment request page

As you can see, the labels in the Payment Details section have been renamed, while the Checkout displays only two payment methods instead of the default four.