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Advanced Options

Payment Links helps you receive payments from customers by sending them payment request URLs via email and SMS. When your customers open the URL, they are redirected to the payment request page hosted by us, where they can complete the payment.

You can try out our APIs on the Razorpay Postman Public Workspace.

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Given below are some advanced configuration options for Payment Links to help achieve your business requirements:

  1. Configure Reminders for Payment Links.
    You can send your customers automated SMS and email reminders for Payment Links. This can be configured on Dashboard Settings.

  2. Transferring payments received via Payment Links to linked accounts.
    You can set up Payment Links so that payments made against the link are automatically transferred to a linked account. This saves you the additional step of making a Transfer API call later.

  3. Provide discount and cashback offers on Payment Links.
    To attract and retain customers, you can provide promotional offers on Payment Links such as discounts and cashback. Customers can avail these offers while making payments using Payment Links.

  4. Provide bank transfer as a payment method on Checkout.
    You can provide an additional payment method of bank transfer to your customers. This will allow them to make online NEFT or RTGS payments to a virtual account assigned to you. This eliminates the need of any manual reconciliation.

  5. Perform third party validation.
    You can use Razorpay Payment Links to perform third-party validation of bank accounts provided by your customers.

  6. Customize appearance of Payment Link.
    You can customize the Payment Link request page as per your brand and business requirements. For example, you may display only specific payment methods, change the labels and so on.