There are many things that make a successful business different from one that’s not.

With competition at its peak in practically every industry, the difference has come down to which business can manage its finances the best. 

Let’s take a look at the concept of business financing and its importance for start-ups and medium-scale companies. How can business owners best manage their finances?

What Is Business Finance? 

The funding that a business needs to start, continue, and manage operations is called business finance.

Finance is the keystone of any business and plays a vital role in its growth. From purchasing raw materials to procuring a company’s site and location, the entire business operation revolves around finance.

Where is Business Finance Needed?

Primarily, business finance is required in four areas depending on the level of operation. They are: 

  • Fixed Capital 

Fixed capital includes standard assets like property, machinery, plant, and equipment and capital investment that is required to start a business. These are generally considered fixed because they are inconsumable or cannot be destroyed while the operations are running. 

In addition, these standard assets have reusable value; however, the depreciating value is first deducted from a fixed asset. 

  • Working Capital

Another significant area where business finance is required is in the working capital. It is necessary to perform day-to-day business activities. 

In an enterprise, current assets will be the short-term assets like cash in a company’s account and the amount receivable. At the same time, current liabilities define short-term payments like the amount payable or other debts, taxes to be payable, etc. 

  • Diversification

Diversification is the process that reduces the asset portfolio risk by making a plethora of investments that will benefit a business in the long run. Investments are made in different assets, including stocks, real estate, bonds, shares, or cryptocurrency. This business finance is diligently used to diversify a business that contributes to overall growth. 

  • Technology Upgrading 

The final requirement of business finance is to upgrade or purchase any technology or equipment. All businesses undergo a technology upgrading phase due to the obsolescence of the same. Moreover, investing in modern technology can uplift a business’s revenue, which is directly related to profit maximization. 

Before the commencement period of a business, these business funds become quintessential to raise from different sources. 

How Can RazorpayX Help Start-ups?

Here are the following ways in which RazorpayX can help start-up founders:

  • The RazorpayX-powered current account offers every service provided in the traditional bank account. In addition, it includes checkbooks, account statements, withdrawals, and deposits. 
  • RazorpayX helps start-ups from the hassles by offering the benefit of instant tax payments, scheduled and large volume pay-outs, management of vendor invoices, etc., through a portal. 
  • Another astonishing way this neo-banking platform can help is by allowing start-ups to get the full financial reports from a single dashboard, making business finances hassle-free. 

Importance of Business Finance for Startups

While business finance is important for every kind of business out there, startups need to pay special focus to how they manage their finances.

This is due to many reasons: startups, unlike established businesses, have limited financial resources. When money is finite, founders need to make sure that every single rupee is spent wisely. Here are the different dimensions of business where business finance is most important.

  • Commencement of Operation 

The primary importance of business finance that serves overall start-ups is it helps a business to start operations. Without sufficient funds, it is impossible to start production,  manufacturing, or even set up a business foundation. 

Managing finances during the initial stages of a business is difficult as it involves critical analysis of the cash flow management and other heads.

The bank that a founder chooses plays a vital role in how well finances are managed. A good business bank is able to provide all services that a business needs, in one, smooth platform.

RazorpayX can help business owners access and manage a company’s finances all from one single platform.  


  • Ensuring Financial Stability 

A business also needs enough finances to face any emergency situation it may find itself in. A good example from recent times is the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses that had contingency funding for crises were the ones who survived (and thrived!) 

While business risk is unavoidable for any startup, smart founders plan for the absolute worst. This is a big part of business finance, and most big companies have entire departments to predict and negate business risk.

We understand that small businesses and startups might not have the resources for extensive financial planning and strategy. Luckily, founders with RazorpayX can rely on Smart Dashboard and Financial Health statistics that comes with their super-cool Current Account.


  • Hire Manpower Suitable for Business

The best businesses are run by the best talent, and the best talent does not come cheap.

Businesses need funding to hire the best professionals to conduct operations and perform different job functions.

In the modern-day business environment, understanding business finances and its models is essential to run a business successfully.

If you’re a founder and are looking to learn more about how money flows through your business, check out our Accounting for Founders series!


What is the scope of business finance?

Business finance is an extensive concept involving the analysis and research of financial statements, controlling, planning, raising capital, investing capital, management of capital structure and comprehending financial risk.

What are the salient features of business finance?

Some of the salient features of business finances that directly affect an enterprise's growth are meeting a company's short-term and long-term goals, ensuring innovation by upgrading the technologies, and safeguarding the company's monetary interest during a financial crisis.

How does business finance help in diversification?

Diversification is an integral part that almost all businesses look for after a few years of initial operation. This can be related to diversifying in terms of new product lines or new locations. However, an entrepreneur or business owner will require sufficient funds to implement the required diversification strategies.

What is the importance of working capital in business finances?

Working capital is the quintessential part of a business finance that helps businesses conduct day-to-day operations smoothly. For example, working capital helps to meet monetary obligations concerning suppliers and meet the periodic difference in cash flow management.

How business finance affects the marketing and sales of an enterprise?

An enterprise requires funds to publicise its products or services to create awareness. In addition, to run different marketing campaigns, the requirement of availability of sufficient funds will be there.


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